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Emma Grimes
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Hi! I'm Emma

My goal is to help women take the risk to become their best selves through learning self-marketing and branding skills.

I am a published author, public speaker, and professional marketer.


My book is titled Good To Great - How To Pursue Greatness Through Self-Marketing and Branding.


I am a professional public speaker who immensely enjoys motivating women of all ages to discover the secrets to self-marketing and branding...



Work with

ree Book

Our world is becoming more and more competitive. A degree is no longer a winning ticket to landing a job. So how do you stand out among a sea of qualified candidates?


Within the pages of this book, Emma will teach you critical self-marketing and branding skills that will skyrocket your personal presentation and make your confidence grow by leaps and bounds making you unforgettable in any interview.

To enhance your learning experience, you can also utilize the corresponding workbook filled with pages of activities and thought-provoking information. 




Dr. Nafees.png

Dr. Nafees Alam - Tenure-Track

Assistant Professor

Boise State University, School of Social Work

“Emma guest-lectured for my classes on the topic of women’s workforce participation. The content of her lessons and the manner in which she taught shows the makings of a future professor, if she so chooses to go in this direction. Students were engaged and inspired by her message, asking for her return in future classes. I plan on having Emma guest-lecture at least once per semester moving forward as she is a model example of well-rounded success and achievement.”


Michelle Rai

Chief Communications and

Marketing Officer

Inland Empire Health Plan

"I was thrilled to have Emma speak to my students at Pacific Union College. She was inspiring, personable and delightful in her talk about self-marketing. My students enjoyed her presentation and found Emma's tips useful and easy to apply to their everyday and professional lives. I would highly recommend Emma for any speaking engagement."


Jason Caudle,

City Manager of Lancaster, CA

“Emma’s life experiences far surpass her age.  Her intuitive manner coupled with her continual education makes Emma an expert in her field. Emma is constantly chasing excellence, which transitions effortlessly into her work.” 

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