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The Marketer’s Mindset is a free online educational course to help women learn key principles to enhance their self-marketing skills.

This course is completely free so all women, no matter their financial situation, can access this course to succeed at self-marketing! Self-marketing skills are perhaps the most important of all life skills.

You will learn how to

  • leverage email marketing

  • effectively network

  • give back and pay forward

  • stand out on social media

  • write with a marketer's mindset

  • become a public speaker

Eight years ago...

 I was at a crossroad in my life. I was shy, introverted, and had no interest in public speaking.


At 15 years old, I jumped in, head first, to compete for a Miss America local competition.

Being required to answer questions onstage, and interviewing in front of a panel of judges was against every fiber of my being.


Fortunately, I was up to the challenge of self-improvement and quickly discovered tricks to stand out above the rest and how to pursue greatness.

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How do you shine brighter than hundreds of beautiful, talented and brave women?

The root of my success lies within branding and marketing myself.  I have become living proof that branding and self-marketing will propel you to even greater heights. You have what it takes, but now it is time to learn how to use that for self-promotion.  

And today I want to share my secrets to success with you!

As a civic-minded developmental neuroscientist, I have learned that science can easily remain trapped in the ivory tower. Emma’s Marketer’s Mindset course helped me to develop a communication strategy that allowed me to better communicate my science and experiences as a scientist to the lay person via social media. I highly recommend her content to anyone who hopes to improve their social media communication strategy.”


—  Tamara, Washington - Developmental Neuroscientist

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